Wedding photographer London

wedding-photographer-londonAs a wedding photographer one is faced with a relatively unique set of opportunities and challenges. On the plus side there is the wealth of fantastic locations and venues in the capital from the grand to the chic to the downright cool but conversely, and much less glamourously, getting around from venue to venue, sorting out the logistics of wedding photographer London can be extremely difficult.

Success starts with planning and and planning starts with meeting and communicating with the couple about to get married. A planning meeting a few days or a couple of weeks before the wedding day itself is vital. At this meeting, as a wedding photographer London, you need to make sure that all of the key timings and locations are understood and make sure that it is realistic to get from one to another. If any problems are seen at this point it is still possible to sort them out. By the time the day itself arrives it is far too late.

After the planning meeting check routes and timings, make a time plan and plan to arrive at the first venue (usually where the bride is getting ready) at least half an hour early. It’s probably not necessary to arrive with the bride half an hour early but allowing plenty of time for travel and arriving in good time at this early stage of the day works wonders for the wedding photographer London  stress levels!

In terms of which mode of transport to use this will depend entirely on locations. Rarely will it be best to use the car but if this is the best option research road works, route and parking options very carefully. I wouldn’t advise relying on public transport at all. Tubes and buses are notoriously unreliable and once you are stuck on them it is pretty much impossible to get off! Imagine the stress of being stuck on the tube when you should be photographing the bride arriving at her reception venue! In most cases taxi is the safest bet. As a wedding photographer London if you get stuck in traffic there is generally another route, if things get really bad you can get out and walk or run and the chances are that the bride and guests will be driving so will be caught up in the same traffic as you! This is a good thing!

Clearly this type of approach requires that all of your equipment and back up equipment is portable. A photo rucksack is a good option as it is possible to hold quite a large amount of equipment, maps, food, and other essential items in a number of different pockets. Often it is also possible to strap a mono pod or tripod on and this can be invaluable in leaving your hands free. It’s vital, even with this portable pared down approach that the photographer carries the right equipment. Spare camera body and lenses are all vital, spare flash equipment and batteries as well as adequate memory for the day. We will look at some wedding photographer London equipment options for different styles and approaches in a future post.

Wedding photographer London

London Wedding Photography

There comes a day in life when people are not only attending perfection, but somehow they manage to acquire it. Those who say that perfection doesn’t exist haven’t had a wedding yet. Just take a look at the wedding photographs of a couple, and you will see that the perfection of a moment can be captured in an image, being able to last forever. It doesn’t matter if the people from the wedding photographs change, it all comes down to that picture from the living room, which will remind everyone that love is true.

Only a good photographer is able to capture, not only the people from the wedding photographs, but also their feelings. It is really beautiful when you are able to look at a picture and actually feel all the love that is there. Good London wedding photographers know this and they are able to make wonders with a picture. They managed to do this without today’s technology, and right now, when they have all the means, they have taken wedding photographs to the next level. It is the only day when people need magic.

A great wedding photograph will always express love and hope. This photograph is the only way children will be able to see their parents’ happiness. Therefore, they will be able to read all the emotions that were present in that day, no matter how many years passed by. Wedding photographers are artists who create amazing artworks. Even if sometimes these works aren’t published in an art gallery, they are the most cherished art works from someone’s life. This is why a great wedding photography will always have a special place in someone’s heart.

It is hard to be a London Wedding Photographer, mainly because you have competition, and in order to succeed, you will need to learn and to stay updated each day. However, when you already have a rich portfolio and many weddings in your CV, you will realize that success is something more than fame and money, it is actually the feeling that you have when you see someone happy thanks to your work. Therefore, a good London wedding photographer will try to learn every day something new about photography.

If you are looking for a London Wedding Photographer, you will be able to find a good one. However, you will need to look more carefully because hiring a wedding photographer isn’t easy. If you have friends and acquaintances who have some experience with wedding, you can ask them for advice. And if you like a certain wedding photography, then you should choose that wedding photographer.

When it comes to their weddings, people expect nothing less than perfection, and this is the main reason London wedding photographers have such high standards. Right now, every photography expresses something, and with so many new techniques, there isn’t any single imperfection in the wedding photographs. Photography is an art, and the person you hire is more than a simple wedding photographer.


London Weddings

A wedding is the most beautiful day in a bride’s life, or at least it should be. It is the day when two soul mates decide to be together forever. However, some people have bad experiences regarding their weddings. In order to have the dream wedding, you need to know a few things about planning. It would also help if you buy some specialized magazines. If you live in London, you are lucky because there you will find high-quality services.

Wedding planning may be exhausting, especially if you are a perfectionist and you want every detail to be perfect. So buckle up and start looking for the right solutions. You should focus on finding the right caterer, the perfect dress, the best makeup, the right band, and so on. It is certainly not easy. A caterer is by far the most important service at your wedding. They will handle your menu, your arrangements, and they will serve the food. Don’t give up if you see that the process is taking a long time. Be patient and confident, and even if you dream about a perfect wedding, remember that you can’t lose yourself in details. Don’t let your wedding be ruined by small details that no one else will notice.

Wedding is the most important party from everyone’s life, and it has to be perfect. People tend to ignore something very important i.e. wedding photography. Finding a good photographer may be hard, and you should ask advice from married couple. You can learn a lot from their experiences. Not all the photographers are as good as they pretend to be. Once the years start passing by, the photos will remain forever. If you know someone who had a great wedding photography service, ask them the details of the photographer.

If you live in London, you are really lucky. London wedding venues are famous for their style and elegance. These amazing locations are a dream came true, so make sure to pick up the best one for you. After you have chosen the London wedding venue that is perfect for you, make sure to book the place in advance. If you aren’t sure about the location, there are many magazines and websites that advertise these locations. Whenever you see a place you love, you should consult your partner and telephone there in order to clarify all the details. Not all the places offer the same services, and every venue has a different price. Furthermore, maybe you need a location in your neighborhood, or at least closely to your neighborhood.

Now that you have a clearer image about the steps that you should follow, it’s time to start the quest. Explore the whole London if necessary, and make sure that you get the best services. Focus on the most important choices and let the details for the last months. Don’t stress too much and have fun during the process. Remember that London is a big city and it will take time.

Planning a Wedding in London

Spring and summer are traditionally the most popular seasons for planning a wedding. And it just so happens that London is an obvious choice for one of the most important days of your life because there are innumerable opportunities to hold your ceremony in some of the most beautiful and unusual venues found anywhere.



So if you’re going to plan your big day in the UK, weddings in London may be just the inspiration you need to create a ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Even though spring and summer seem to be wedding day favorites, many couples who are planning a wedding in London consider winter as the new wedding season. In addition, 2012 was the year for vintage weddings along with the shabby chic look as they became popular with many brides who were adding tea lights, jam jars, wild flowers, bunting, and heirlooms to their big day.


However, in 2013 the timeless and glamorous elegance of the formal black tie attire, stunning chandeliers, sterling silverware and stylish crystal glasses made a comeback as chic brides choose more classic themes.


Of course, the best weddings always come with a price. Unfortunately, in today’s economy young brides may be attempting to plan their weddings on smaller budgets than brides have had to do in the past. It’s simply amazing how much more something will cost just by sticking the word “wedding” in front of it. For example, umbrellas are cheap, but if you call them “wedding umbrellas,” now you’re singing a different tune entirely!


So what are young brides and grooms to do? Actually, there are a number of different ways for couples to overcome economic issues. For instance, some couples decide to hold their wedding in less ostentatious venues to save money. Receptions are being held in church halls more frequently again, rather than in locations separate from the church ceremony. Smaller guest lists help trim costs as well. In fact, some couples will hold small marital ceremonies in the late afternoon, and then in the evening invite other guests to the reception only. This has the affect of making the wedding more intimate and personal, yet still leaves enough budget for a big party after nightfall.


Your wedding should be one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling ceremonies you’ll ever experience in your entire life. So you may want to seriously consider hiring a professional wedding planner and an expert in London wedding photography to make it the best that it can be.


Every wedding has the potential to be an affair to remember, but it’s paying attention to the small things, the details, that make the event special in some way that will make it the most memorable.

Photographing the London Bride

With its old world charm and air of royalty, London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to conduct a wedding. Spring and summer are the most popular times of year for weddings in London because as spring approaches and flowers bloom, people are hopeful in anticipation of wonderful new things that may come their way. For a wedding photographer in this city, the opportunities are endless.

Wedding photography has been capturing the best moments in a couple’s history in venues all over the city. From the Zoo to the London Eye, people are permitted to marry almost any place that can accommodate the guests and the couple’s needs.
A wedding is always more about the bride than any other person, so a wedding photographer must be able to spend the entire wedding day with the bride and her girls to capture each special moment. Weddings in London host the tradition of the bridal party getting together early in the day to help the bride dress and primp, in preparation for her big moment on the aisle. It comes as no surprise, then, that wedding photography sessions start early in the day and include some very intimate moments with the bride. This portion of the photographer’s day means he or she needs to be very polite and professional for the entire session. The location may be chaotic with the bride’s friends and family all wanting to help out the special lady on her wonderful day, so it is imperative that the wedding photographer stays out of the way. Because the bride has requested this photography session, though, the photographer will be welcomed and included in the duration.
Reportage photography has become very popular for weddings in London – this style of photography includes taking pictures of scenes and interactions as they occur. People do not need to be staged for reportage photographs, and the results can be some of the best, most accurate portrayals of a moment in time available. It is also an opportunity for the groom to see the preparation and details of the efforts the bride and her party performed in order to be ready for exchanging vows with him later. This is traditionally one portion of the wedding day that the groom never experienced; wedding photography now helps him share her experiences later on. The bride, in all the commotion, often forgets what went on during her dressing period, so she appreciates the memories that photographs bring.
Shots to consider are those of the bride getting her hair and makeup done, of the mother helping the bride set her veil, and of the bridesmaids toasting the bride with some champagne. The dress and shoes, plus any accessories, are important items to photograph, as well. The best pre-wedding photographs are those that involve the special moments, such as lacing up the dress or pinning up the bride’s hair, and every bride revels in viewing these important moments once her day is complete.

Photographing a Rainy London Wedding

Everyone wants a beautiful, sunny day for his or her wedding day, but London weather can be unpredictable so as a wedding photographer, you need to be prepared to shoot great pictures in a rainy and cloudy situation. The superstition that rain on a wedding day is a bad omen may not be true when it comes to wedding photography. In fact, with the right props, ideas and venues, a rainy day wedding photograph can be absolutely stunning.

Even if the bride and groom are not prepared for rain on their special day, you as their professional photographer should be. With the grey backdrop of rain clouds, contrasting colors can make for a fun, vibrant photo opportunity. Bring with you some interesting rain gear, including a colorful umbrella and some Wellington boots. Look for banners that offer an array of bold colors to complement the grey clouds, white dress and any flowers the bride is holding.


Movies, posters and other forms of entertainment have realized the romanticism involved in rainy day photography; perform some research ahead of the wedding date to find classic stills that can be replicated with the couple. Nothing is more reminiscent of old-world class than kissing in the rain, the bride bent backwards with the groom holding an umbrella over her head. The potential for great wedding photography is great if you remember all the wonderful shots that exist of couples dancing, kissing, singing and playing in the rain. After all, these happy moments can serve as playful poses and action shots for your newly married clients.

If you are not sure what to photograph, try capturing a couple running through the rain, or the look of the rain beading on the wedding car. Shoot the bride standing in an open doorway to catch the falling rain behind her. Or try some poses with the groom keeping the bride dry with his jacket or his own umbrella.

As a wedding photographer, it can be very important to have a set of photographs that depict your abilities to shoot lovely wedding photos in the rain. Couples want to know that the professional they hire will be able to capture the special moments throughout their day without worrying that the weather is going to ruin the essence of each photo. Weddings in London experience rainy day weather frequently enough that you should be able to gather an exceptional collection of photos for your portfolio.

Practice shooting photographs of people in the rain during the times of day that a wedding party would typically be photographed. Performing this exercise can help you figure out what extra lighting or camera equipment you will need to bring with you to the actual event. Coming prepared for any type of weather or venue is important for a photographer to exhibit their professionalism in this lucrative industry. Rainy weddings in London simply offer you another world of opportunities in which to perfect your work. The options are endless!

Best London Wedding Venues for Photography

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and attracts visitors from across the globe annually. What makes this city so intriguing is the historical significance that its buildings, communities, and districts hold. For a wedding photographer, the opportunities to photograph a spectacular celebration in some of the city’s most prestigious venues are endless. Take a stroll or tram ride through some of the older areas, and you will find architecture that exhibits vintage appeal wherever you look.

Located at the Royal Horseguards Hotel, One Whitehall Place is deemed one of London’s most sought after wedding venues. Dating back to 1884, the buildings have a history in fraud and military operations. This hotel boasts opulent and spacious rooms designed especially to accommodate a wedding event. With the attached terrace overlooking the River Thames and the Embankment, the number of photography options is endless. When it comes to weddings in London, One Whitehall Place provides the props and natural beauty required for stunning wedding photos.

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Weddings in London often center on the heart of the city, where RSA House has become one of the most prestigious venues for a couple’s celebration. The RSA House offers fabulous gardens available for summer receptions, and the interior of this Georgian-style building offers mile-high windows and vast, historically decorated halls in which to plan wedding photographs. The lighting within the building is superb for creating the best memories of a couple’s special day.

For a more rustic and country feel, The Grange, located in Northwood, is a 14th century home that has been maintained in its elegance to provide a garden and woodland scene for the perfect wedding. The Cavendish is accompanied by a rose garden and stone archways located around the yard offer intimate nooks for a peek-a-boo photograph of a couple’s first kiss. Weddings held at either of these locations will offer photographers the unique experience of capturing timeless moments amidst a wonderful historical backdrop.

Wedding photography often involves the ability to capture special moments in non-traditional locations. One of the London’s up-and-coming wedding venues is the London Eye. Couples are provided their own special capsule in order to exchange their vows at the top of the wheel. For any wedding photographer, the experience can be both challenging and exhilarating. Special considerations for space, lighting and excess movement will need to be taken into account, but photographing weddings in London that occur atop the Eye will be proudly displayed in anyone’s portfolio.

People looking for old world charm combined with new age excitement will appreciate the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Situated in a building that retains its 1920’s exterior, the art deco interior will amaze and impress even the most skeptical of guests. Wedding photographers will revel in the 1920’s appeal of flapper-era décor and strobe light infused halls. Photography becomes art when couples marry in the Bloomsbury Ballroom, so the wedding photographer must be ready and able to keep up with the paces set forth by the venue.

Capturing the Moment

After months, sometimes years, of planning, a couple expects their wedding day to be perfect, and this includes the professional hired to capture the moments with photography. Specialized equipment and years of experience can help to produce the best, most emotional photographs available. When choosing wedding photography professionals, couples want someone they can trust to grasp the intimacy and excitement on their special with only one chance. After all, a wedding is not an event people plan on enjoying more than once and it is virtually impossible to replicate the feelings and actions that occur on one’s wedding day.

Wedding photography involves grace, agility and precise knowledge on what encompasses the best shots. When capturing the couple’s first dance, a photographer needs to find a vantage point that allows for the raw emotion and mood to be portrayed in the image. To hear a bride exclaim her satisfaction with a photograph, along with her complete awe at how he or she was able to capture the image, can be exhilarating for any wedding photographer.

Venues popular for weddings in London offer their own unique facades, architecture and design that can assist a photographer with capturing the moment in an extra special way. With the contrast between old world brick and cobblestone, and the new age glass, décor and lighting, a photographer in London has so many choices available at his or her fingertips. The elegance and beauty of a white bride’s dress back dropped by a weathered stone castle can provide one of the best, most romantic images available.

Wedding photographers need to establish their portfolios with strong examples of their previous work. When seeking out new clients, the more a photographer can prove his or her professionalism, the more the clients will want to hire them for their wedding. A wedding photographer also must be polite and kind, offering tips and ideas to the couple for fantastic bridal shots. Discretion during the wedding events is also an important characteristic of any wedding photographer, and when shooting weddings in London, it is best that guests and the bridal party hardly notice that someone is nearby, capturing their movements and expressions.


Still shots can be staged and people maneuvered into the best possible light or close to complementary décor, but ‘in the moment’ shots can be tricky. Wedding photography professionals must learn to critically examine the guests and grasp special moments or conversations through the camera lens. Capturing the emotions and humor that are exhibited during the toasts during a reception can be some of the hardest shots to obtain, but a professional photographer will astound his or her customers with the precise focus, apparition, and timing of the shot.

Every couple wants to have too many great photos to choose from once their package has been returned. The more wonderful wedding shots taken, the happier clients will be with the professional. Capturing the moment means understanding the emotions and moods of the people involved in the event.

London wedding preparations

Nothing can refresh your mind or bring back memories of a special occasion like a great photograph. This is why wedding photography is so vital to anyone’s wedding preparations. And wedding photographers know that photographing weddings in London requires a certain collection of preparation activities to pull off a successful wedding day shoot. With such a wide selection of available wedding photographers in London, you want to know that the professional you have chosen has ensured that each site, situation, and send-off has been properly planned out in advance.

A professional wedding photographer will come equipped and set a schedule for meeting with potential clients. They understand that to ensure a successful wedding day photo session they need to ask the couple dozens of questions to get a good, strong feel for their expectations. It may sound surprising, but some wedding photographers do not even bother to visit the wedding venue before the wedding date!

wedding photographer London

To be prepared, a wedding photography company should arrange an initial meet-and-greet gathering with the clients to determine needs and allow the clients to see if the photographer would be a good fit. A wedding is a deeply personal and intimate occasion, so a photographer should not feel hurt if a couple decides to work with a competitor. With the great number of weddings in London each year, there will be enough work for all professionals.

Many professional photographers, once hired, will conduct a dry run of the wedding day a few times ahead of the date. They may schedule a test run one month, one week, and even early on the day of the event just to ensure that lighting and camera equipment will complement the photographer’s abilities and that photographs can be taken at wonderful angles. This advance testing also helps to ease the couple’s minds about whether hiring the photographer was a good choice.

Performing the test runs of the wedding photography is best conducted with the couple. It is important to note traffic patterns and typical daily activities that occur on the same day of the week as the actual wedding to get a feel for what to expect during the wedding day. This helps the photographer schedule adequate time and be at the right venue at the right times during the wedding.

The week before the wedding, a wedding photography professional should take some test photos at the same times of day that the wedding will be conducted. This is to help judge lighting and venue items that could play a role in shooting the perfect photo. Find critical nooks or areas that could provide a wonderful couple-only photo opportunity and keep these scouted areas in mind on the date of the wedding.

The night before a wedding, the photographer should lay out his or her equipment to double check that everything is in order. The morning of the wedding, take some detail shots of flowers, rings, and other paraphernalia before heading off to capture the bride in her euphoric moment.