the best sports camera settings

How Camera Settings Work For Action and Sports

In SPORTS AND ACTION photography, speed matters a lot because you can’t wait for people to stop and pose. Sports and action photography is fun but challenging at the time. In this photography, it is important that your camera is set so when the time comes to take a shot you did not have to configure your camera settings. Here is the best camera setting you can use to take best-detailed sports and action photos.

How to take Sports and Action Shots Like-A-Pro

the best sports camera settings

Focus in sports and action photography is a bigger problem for photographers. Do not let your camera to focus things of its choice instead set your focus point and let the camera to follow it. Always make the centre point, as your focus point then the camera will automatically focus the thing that comes to the centre.

Shutter speed is important in sports and action photography. Set your shutter speed fast to take the best photos. Shutter speed of 1/500 a second will be the best in fast speed photography. Fast shutter speed will save you from blur photos and disappointment.

It recommends setting your camera before the event started and took some shots to check the setting. If you feel that, your shutter speed is not enough and pictures coming blur, try to enhance the speed.

An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.

When you set your shutter at fast speed, it is necessary to open your aperture wide. A wide aperture will let you take an in-depth and detailed photo of the field. It helps to focus on the main object and blurs all the distractions happening in the background. A wide aperture will produce pictures with a strong impact.

When shooting outdoors in daylight or at night, it is recommended to set your white balance manually according to the light to capture great killer shots. Even if you are shooting indoor, you always have to set the white balance to manage the light.

white balance

If your shutter speed is fast with the wide-open aperture, then the last thing that left is to enhance your camera ISO speed. People usually do not like very high ISO speed, but in sports and action photography, it is important because it saves you from blur photos and embarrassment.

In sports and action photography, things or people are moving so quickly, so it is difficult to capture the best shot in this high speed. Have you heard about burst mode? Go to your camera setting and set burst mode for the fast moving photography. Burst mode will allow a photographer to capture 4 to 5 shots at the same time. Then you can select the best shot out of these five photos to save.


When you are capturing photos in burst mode your camera space fill as faster as you can imagine. Whether you are using burst mode or some another mode in any events, you must have extra memory cards in your bag for the emergency purpose. It is inconvenient to sit and delete bad photos during the event.

Another sports and action photography tip is to choose a good format for saving your shots. Usually, it is recommended to take raw shots and then edit in the Photoshop, but for sports and action photography, it is better to take shot by using JPEG format. Using JPEG format in sports and action photography will lead you to capture spectacular shots.

long lenses

In sport and action photography, the photographer is always at some distance from the object. He has to take shots from being so far. Hence, it is better to use long lenses when you are taking shots at long distances it better to off your flash feature because it will not be helpful for you and drains your camera battery.

Not everything is recommended to leave onto your camera. Hence, Above-mentioned camera setting is best to use in sports and action photography because it will take sharp photos with background and atmosphere.

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